Cymatic Music

Cymatic Music


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Music Theory and Acoustics Links

Useful information and animations for all matters acoustical

Sound structures and their interaction
Animations for Acoustics Education
Acoustic and Vibration Animations
Math, Physics and Engineering Applets
Instrument Acoustics
ISVR - Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Lissajous Lab

Alternative Tuning Systems

The Just Intonation Network
Hans Kayser
Harry Partch

Fluid experiments in space

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Musical Instruments

Experimental Musical Instruments
Odd Music
Harry Partch Instruments
Flute Designer
Jazz Mutant

Cymatics related links
Journal of Cymatics
Alexander Lauterwasser
Sound Healing Resource
RMCybernetics-DIY Cymatics Display
Ralph Abraham
Ron Pellegrino and the Electronic Arts of Sound and Light
Center for Visual Music
Visual Music
Mary Ellen Bute: Seeing Sound
Sacred Geometry Home Page
Cymatics T-shirt